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Post 13 Dec 2016, 01:06

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Hi fellows,

I would like to know about PrimeUI's roadmap.

There wasn't any new releases in the last months. Do you still have any plans for PrimeUI? Is the project dead?

Thank you very much.
Best regards!

Post 23 Dec 2016, 16:33

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Due to lack of interest from community our focus is currently on maintaining PrimeFaces and PrimeNG. PrimeUI is not dead but not active as the other two. In 2017, we'll release PrimeReact for ReactJS. Using jQuery directly to create webapps as of 2016 is not a popular option due to other popular choices.

Post 24 Dec 2016, 02:20

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Thanks for the answer, Optimus.

Maybe PrimeReact will be a great option for someone who's looking more for a library instead of a framework. Let's see how things go on..
Best regards and congrats for the great work!

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