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Is Primefaces 6.0.13 and Modena 2.1.3 compatible?

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I am thinking about changing to Primefaces 6.1.13, but I am using Modena 2.1.3.

Are they compatible? or am I going to have problems?

Also I understand that with the PRO version I have access to a theme, is this true? and if is, which one is it?

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Hi @leacardenas,

Modena2.1.3 is compatible with PF6.0.x, 6.0 and 5.3. ( You just can not have new component style. But, you can override them according to Modena theme.

Thanks for the interest. PRO Users can access only Omega Layout + theme for free. All of our new generation theme + layout are fully compatible with PRO versions.

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