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Listener attributes in p:treeNode

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I would like to know if maybe in your next releases of PF you have in mind to add the possibility of declaring the attributes nodeSelectListener, nodeExpandListener, nodeCollapseListener in the p:treeNode component. Because as their names say they are more node listeners than p:tree ones and since the p:treeNode give us the chance to have so many type of nodes with different content in them, sometimes we also need to handle these events differently based on the type of node.

Thanks a lot.

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Hi Josel,

Thanks for the feedback, I'll consider this. Probably it's a good idea to keep the global listeners on p:tree and treeNode specific listeners on treeNode.

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Hi Prime,

This is a very common use case to control the behaviour of an event based on P:treenode. This will allow the treenode to be more flexible and versatile.


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I agree, thanks for your feedback, we'll discuss this for sure.

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