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calendar value defaulting to previous value

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I have a calendar tag to get a start date from the user. The value of this is retrieved from a session bean (tempSchemeUnit). When I go to the page for the second time I have already replaced the session variable so that the value(startDate) is null (have checked this in debug on the backing bean) but the page is displayed with the calendar defaulted to the previous chosen date. Any ideas on what is causing the calendar to remember the value from the last page display?

<p:calendar id="incCal" mode="popup" readOnlyInputText="true"
                     pattern="dd/MM/yyyy" timeZone="GMT"
                     onSelectUpdate="out bandedStep"
                     value="#{tempSchemeUnit.startDate}" required="true"

Any help appreciated!
Using Primefaces-2.2SNAPSHOT on Glassfish 3.01

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