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Hi everbody;
I want to improve my project with using helios, jsf 2.0 and primeFaces. But
I couldn't configurated web.xml, lib and likes files. How can i do use primeFaces
components in helios with use jsf 2.0. please help me.

P.S : sorry my bad english.

kukeltje Expert Member

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If you read the docs, you can see that if you use jee6 (more specifically servlet 3.0, so a 3.0 version in your web.xml) you do not have to configure anything.

So you have to be way more specific in what you mean.
Ronald van Kuijk
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Hola, realice un tutorial de como integrar JSF 2.0 + Primefaces, puedes visitarlo y comentarlo!

Visitalo y me dices que tal! Alli esta el codigo fuente! ... rimefaces/


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Thanks a lot.

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