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Post 16 Sep 2011, 09:37

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Is it actually possible to create a tooltip for selectManyMenu? For each item in the menu i mean, for example you hover over one and you see some more info over it. The tooltip requires a id, but since i load my items from my bean and use select items i can't add the id to it because it would change per item?

Is there a solution for this?

This is one of my menu's i would like to add a tooltip to:

<p:selectManyMenu value="#{profileBean.selectedAllPermissions}" converter="#{profileBean.converter}"  style="height:300px;width:200px;"> 
    <f:selectItems value="#{profileBean.allPermissions}" var="allPermission" itemLabel="#{allPermission.permissionCode}" itemValue="#{allPermission}" /> 
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Post 16 Sep 2011, 10:38
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You can use native tooltip widgets which accept any jQuery selector. I use e.g. qTip2 Select you options in select box by their values e.g. in assign them tooltips. Never tried, but should work.
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