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Primefaces 3 datatable cell selection

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I'm just curious if the cell selection feature will make it into the next version. The last time I checked this feature was missing.


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For dynamic columns it would be nice if only the cell could selected and not the complete row.

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I guess it means "No"

It's kind of sad to see a new version with less features. Dropping support for JSF 1 is a decision I can understand but introducing a new major version and using it for dropping features is pretty lame. It doesn't help Primefaces in making it a product you can rely on.

Of course, I'd be happy to be convinced otherwise :)

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It is dropped in favor of sheet that is specialized on cell selection.

3.x has tons of more new features than 2.x.

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Hi Cagatay,

I was very excited to see that feature but unfortunately it doesn't offer the same selection mechanism as does the old yui-based implementation. CTRL+Shift doesn't seem to be supported. Well, I need to have a closer look at this component and see if we can work with it. All the fancy features are nice to have but what we really needed was a simple datatable with this very user-friendly excel-like selection feature offered by the yui datatable component.

I guess you have decided to make this move with good feedback from the community so maybe I should not complain.
Anyhow, the situation isn't as bad as in JSF 1 times as it now seems possible to implement custom components without being a magician. I thought about the jqueryUI selectable which would even provide a better usability than the yui datatable. What about Github? :D I think Richfaces is really trying to involve the community in providing new components.

Thanks for your work.


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