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Unexpected datatable rendering on the Show case

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I send this message just to inform you about the strange datatable rendering on the show case of PrimeFaces.
On the Scrollable Datatable example, the "Y axis" example :

You can see just a little bug : the col borders are not aligned (for table header and table body). It seems that the Scrollbar width is not used on the header-cols resize computing.
I browse on Firefox 3.5.8 under MacOsX Leopard 10.6.2. I tried also on a Firefox under Ubuntu and the bug did not appeared.
Of course, that is a very minor bug :).


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Just checked with firefox on windows, seems to be fine so I guess issue is with firefox and mac.

Also scrollbar on x should not show up, that's another issue with Y scrolling.

Can you create an issue for this please?

Thanks for the heads up!

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