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How to dynamically generate content of Drop Down List

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I am very new to JSF and PrimeFace. So please forgive my ignorance if the answer to the question is too obvious. I have couple Drop down list on my page. The contents of the drop down list are populated when the page is loaded. As I select the item in that first drop down list, content of the second drop down list get populated. How can I do that with JSF + PrimeFace. Sample code would be greatly appreciated

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There's an example in the PrimeFaces showcase that would be a good start. I can't link you to the online demo at the moment because the demo server appears to be down and I don't have the required URL in my head!

You can download the entire showcase from the download page

The xhtml file to look at is pprSelect.xhtml
The corrseponding bean is in

pprSelect.xhtml has two <h:selectOneMenu> tags called "city" and "suburbs" that do what you want to do.

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Thank you so much. I will take a look at it.

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Any hints on how to style these a little better?

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Actually never mind about that. I got busy with the CSS and prettified it.

I do wonder about styling these sorts of components (jsf/html) in general. For example the datatable's row cardinality selector. It looks a little naff compared to the other controls.

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