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Problem: trying to use <f:param> with <p:graphicImage>!

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Hello everybody!

I have read some issues, but I still not understanding why my code is not working. Could anyone give me some help? Here is my code:

// my JSF page
<p:graphicImage value="#{testeServlet.chartImage}" rendered="#{ports.tipoPorta == 'entrada analogica'}">
<f:param id="_valorLido" name="_valorLido" value="#{ports.valorPorta}"/>

// my ManagedBean
Map<String,String> map = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext().getRequestParameterMap();
String valor_lido = (String)map.get("_valorLido");
System.out.println("***Valor: "+valor_lido);

I tryied solve that using two type os scopes, REQUEST and SESSION scope! But didnt find the solution. I am trying to create a image dynamically by passing parameters due to set values in this image, in my case, I am creating a chart and transforming It in a image!

Thanks in advance!

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