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Post 04 Aug 2010, 10:03

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I'm implementing a simple form with an editor component inside a dialog box component.

<p:dialog widgetVar="sampleDialog" header="Sample Dialog">
   <h:form id="sampleForm">
      <p:editor value="" width="640px" height="320px"></p:editor>

In my commandButton, I put an update attribute with value of "sampleForm".

<p:commandButton update="sampleForm" value="Show the Sample Modal"/>

Using Firefox 3.6, I can click the editor and type values in it. However, using IE8, I cannot click the main text area and enter some values.
Anyone tried implementing an editor in a modal window? I'm open for other solutions/frameworks to use. Thanks.
PrimeFaces 2.1
JSF 2.0
GlassFish 3 Server
Mojarra 2.0.2

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