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Problems with new DataTable (2.2)

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So i thought it is time to do some testing with the new datatable.

First impression was that you improved the performance. It loads faster and also selecting is way faster than before. But there were also some major problems which prevent me from using it.

- The attribute "width" of the Datatable and also of the p:columns is completely ignored
- The DataTable has always more width than its parent
    - even if parent = h:body
    - even if I declare only one p:column the table uses more width then the available.
- Sorting leads to graphical glitches
    - Column header doesn't fit to the column anymore

Here is a Screenshot: (pixeling is done by me)


- I used the current Snapshot Version from the Maven repository.
- Behavoir was the same on Internet Explorer 8 (with and without compatible modus), Firefox 3.6.8, Opera 10.61
PrimeFaces 3.0, Glassfish 3.1.2, Mojarra 2.1.6,

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Thanks for your feedback, datatable is not ready for use yet. I'd suggest waiting for the stable release.

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Sure. I'm aware of that. I just did some initial testing to check the current state of development and share my problems with you to help fixing bugs.

Oh and another thing:

The "width" and "height" attributes of the datatable uses only integer values.
I think a very common use case for a datatable is that it should have 100% height and 100% width of it's parent component. (like a div, a panel, a layoutUnit ... )
Columns and Rows which doesn't fit into the available space should be accessed with scrolling.
I hope you will consider this.
PrimeFaces 3.0, Glassfish 3.1.2, Mojarra 2.1.6,

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