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How to toggle two p:panels with effects

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Hi all

Assuming I have the following two Panels under a Parent Panels, as show in code below

 <p:panel id="parentPanel" header="Parent Parent">
                   <p:panel id="panel1" header="Panel One" rendered="#{someBean.someCondition}">
                                                    <!-- Panel Content Skip -->
                    <p:panel id="panel2" header="Panel Two" rendered="#{!someBean.someCondition}">
                                                    <!-- Panel Content Skip -->
                   <p:commandButton id="toggleButton" value="Click me.." actionListener="#{someBean.togglePanel}" update="parentPanel"/>

The toggleButton will toggle someBean.someCondition (ie from true to false, or from false to true), the code above work fine, however I wonder what is the best way to add some effects when toggle happen, for example panel 1 will explode, and panel two will drop in..

Any suggestion?

Thanks in Advance

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I am recently also doing some studies on a UI toggle button and UI panel control. This question bring me back to Prime, an innovative ask and I am also eager to get the exact answers.

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In my app, I use PrimeFaces Extensions Spotlight(click URL and look at the source code that is provided on that showcase page).

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