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AJAX behavior on h:selectOneListbox ignored with 2.2.M1

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Anybody else getting the bizarre error that a p:ajax (or f:ajax) behavior inside a h:selectOneListbox gets ignored entirely since an upgrade to 2.2.M1 (it worked with 2.1)? No Javascript handlers are rendered for the select component, so it seems that the AJAX behaviour renderer isn't called at all.

It works with h:selectOneMenu (as in the showcase:, so that's a workaround. I'm using Mojarra 2.0.2 on Glassfish 3.0.1.


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If f:ajax is ignored then it is a bug of mojarra. Have you tried with 2.0.3 of mojarra, you can compare with myfaces 2.0.1 to test.

p:ajax is a client behavior now as it should be like f:ajax, it was a uicomponent before.

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Thanks, makes sense. FWIW, it doesn't work with 2.0.3 either.


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If I see right, it cannot be an issue of Mojarra. I also have h:selectOneListbox and tried p:ajax and f:ajax with PF 2.0.2 and Mojarra 2.0.2 / 2.0.3. It works. You say it doesn't work with the same Mojarras, but the other PF 2.2.M1.

Conclusion? :-)

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Was this ever resolved? I am having the same problem on current 2.2.1.
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