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Calendar default month placement after render

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Is it possible to set calendar default month placement other than to the first place after calendar component is rendered? I would like it to get result as from picture 1 to picture 2.

Date have been set to 10.9.2010.
    pic 1:

    pic 2:


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Images seem to be broken.

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Hmm... That's strange I can see the pictures. But anyway, so there is like calendar shown with 5 pages (months).
<p:calendar value="#{mybean.todayDate}" pages="5" mode="inline" />

Let's assume that #{mybean.todayDate} value is today 16.9.2010 :). After calendar is rendered it will show "september" (todayDate is in this month),"october","november","january" and "february" which is cool. I was wonder if is it possible to set for example todayDate's month into the middle (or any place from those 5 pages) as result will be "july", "august", "september" (todayDate is in this month), "october" and "november"?

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