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URL for 2.2M1 bundle?

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Post 08 Oct 2010, 16:53

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Hi All,

Is the bundle (I am looking for the tag library docs, in particular) for 2.2M1 available for download? Could someone please post the URL for it?

I checked the repository, and the other usual places. Please excuse me if I missed something very obvious. :-)

Thanks a lot!
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Post 08 Oct 2010, 16:57

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Bundle for 2.2M1 is not available compared to prior releases. We will be providing bundles again beginning with upcoming release of 2.2RC.

Post 08 Oct 2010, 17:20

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Thank you for the prompt response.

A suggestion: perhaps you could consider making the bundles and showcases available in the repository for all of the previous versions. That could be very useful for anyone getting started with any version. Now, for example, it does not seem possible to get the bundle and showcase for V2.1 from the website. Perhaps I am missing something?

Thanks for everything. PrimeFaces is simply awesome!
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Post 08 Oct 2010, 17:34

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We cant do that for older versions as showcase is not versioned, but could be for future versions. Thanks very much for your feedback.

Post 09 Oct 2010, 08:18

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You mentioned earlier the release of 2.2RC will be on the 1st weak of Oct, could you give an updated info (as 1st weak passed)?
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Post 09 Oct 2010, 12:00

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Due to consulting, trainings and conferences(SpringOne, W-JAX), 2.2.RC1 will be released "when it's done". After 2.2, we'll probably get back to our regular fast development speed.

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