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Multiple fileUpload components on one page do not work

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Hi all,

I am facing a problem having multiple <p:fileUpload /> on one page. Only the first one gets rendered. I am using the latest version from
Anyone else had that problem before or knows how to solve it?


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I've noted this down, will take a look tomorrow.

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i can confirm this problem. javascript console shows the following error: Uncaught FileUpload with namespace "file_upload" already assigned to this element

kind regards

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Replicated, will be worked on tomorrow.

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Fixed now.

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The problem with multiple (more than one) fileUpload component on single page form still exists.
I am using primefaces-3.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

Any bug opened on this issue to track for ?


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Try 3.0.M1.

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problem still continues
i am using 3.0-M2

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the problem is still there on M3. Are there any news about it?



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I confirm that there is a problem with 3.0.M3. Really need this functionality!

Please help!


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