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Post 09 Dec 2009, 16:29
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I have some questions to using optimus.

1.) I didn't see in your wiki about optimus that a listener is needed. Don't we need include org.primefaces.optimus.listener.ContextListener in web.xml? Who calls Guice.createInjector(...)?
2) If I use @ManagedBean instead of @Controller I can not use @Inject inside of bean. Right?
3) Can I mix annotations, so that @Controller declaration for a bean and using of JSF 2 annotations @ManagedProperty or @PostConstruct inside of bean work together?
4) How can I inject something into a converter or validator? I use annotations @FacesConverter / @FacesValidator (without registration in faces-config, but only in facelet taglib.xml). Could optimus help here?

Thanks a lot!

Post 11 Dec 2009, 11:35

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Hi Oleg,

1) It was changed in 0.9.0-SNAPSHOT, in 0.8.0 listener is auto configured. For 0.9.0-SNAPSHOT it is necessary to configure it.

2) @ManagedBean does not support @Inject, yes.

3) Don't think so, for JSF 2 and @ManagedBean, @ManagedProperty, you can use @PostConstruct so not much need for optimus.

4) Not much help here.

Frankly future of optimus is not clear, we've put all our energy and resource to UI components, also there's too much overlap between optimus and more stable frameworks like core JSF 2, CDI, Seam, ...

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