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file upload listener not call in primefaces 3.0M1

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You say: in simple mode it works?
This is the code which you posted in your last comment?
But you say:
"but I have same problem in advanced mode."
What´s the SAME problem?
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I guess the same problem is....

The fileUploadListener is never called in advanced mode

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my code (written above), works in simple mode and listener call but in advanced mode, listener don't call

do you have any suggestion?

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I've got it to work!!!

If you add

<Loader delegate="true" />

to your context.xml in META-INF the listener gets called.

Although if you have two contexts deployed (I have the showcase deployed too) neither will work, you can only have one app deployed with this setting. I'm using jboss 6 Final

Can someone explain what this is actually specifying?

Many thanks


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I have the same problem with Glassfish 3.0.1... actually mine is worst than yours as if I use <Loader delegate="true" /> Glassfish would not start at all !

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thanks zorro i have same problems in advanced mode with 3.0, i figured out that i can use simple mode.. and i am using now.
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So, advanced mode doesn't fire UploadListener event on primefaces 3.0M1?


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