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Olympos update for PrimeNG 1.1.0 and above

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Version 1.1.0 of PrimeNG components included a CSS refactoring and the migration to em units and usage of box-sizing : border-box. These changes have some side effects in the Olympos theme and some components do not display as expected anymore.

The first problem we encountered was with the dropdown componenent and we have been able to fix this issue by adding the following lines in our global app.css files:

.ui-dropdown {

We have now encountered another problem, but with the Spinner control this time. The up and down buttons do not display when used with the Olympos theme. This also happens in the sample pages provided with the theme. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a solution for this problem thus far. Using the "Elements" tool in Chrome, I can see that the up and down buttons exists at the right of the spinner component but they are not displayed. Also, these buttons should be inside the Spinner control but now they are outside of it which would break the layout should they appear on screen.

Is there a known solution for the Spinner control problem?

Would be possible to release a new version of the Olympos theme that works with the latest version of PrimeNG components?


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I'm afraid we've decided not to maintain Olympos-Rio-Modena-Adamantium anymore so there won't be a new release. We've provided Ultima as a replacement to users who have purchased one of these.

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Fair enough. Especially considering that the new Ultima version is compatible with PrimeNG 2.0 and doesn't use jquery anymore. We'll take the time to migrate our app sooner than we had planned, but it looks to be well worth it.

Thanks for your great work.

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Thanks for the understanding ;)

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