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Using Apollo theme

Post 27 Aug 2016, 20:37

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Hi Sorry for this stupid question , but i bought the premium theme and its not very clear on how to use it in my project.

I saw another post like this and the video on it didn't explain much .

any help please?

Post 29 Aug 2016, 02:51

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    1. Extract the downloaded zip file.
    2. Go to the apollo directory and you will see a tag directory go there and copy it's content.
    |-- tag <--- copy the contents of this directory

    3. Create a new project using maven.
    4. Paste it in your project.
    somewhere in your file system
    | -- your project <-- paste it here
    5. Open it in your favorite IDE. (ex. Netbeans)
    6. Download Sass and point your IDE there. (If not done yet.)
    7. Follow this if needed.
    8. Maven should not be able to see apollo-theme-1.0.1.jar, fix it and use Nexus or Artifactory. (Google is your friend)

Post 29 Aug 2016, 08:18

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+1, thanks @cloud4288 :)

Post 29 Aug 2016, 23:01

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Hello, I already followed the steps but I get not use Apollo theme.

Where I can get documentation or a tutotial video for using Apollo theme?

Thank you.

Post 31 Aug 2016, 02:49

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@herdoizad, May I see the structure of your project?

Make sure to compile SaSS.

sass --update src/main/webapp/resources/ --sourcemap=none

Where I can get documentation or a tutotial video for using Apollo theme?

Here a link to the documentation.

Post 31 Aug 2016, 16:11

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Make sure to compile SaSS.

This is only required if you want to make changes.

The sample maven project placed inside the tag folder of the distribution is a good start. If you have a working application already, then you need to follow the steps at docs. Let us know if you have any issues.

Post 03 Oct 2016, 05:48

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topbar.xhtml is broken in v1.0.1 (haven't checked 1.0).

One need to replace class in

<p:graphicImage class="logo" library="apollo-layout" name="images/apollo_logo.png" />

by styleClass

<p:graphicImage styleClass="logo" library="apollo-layout" name="images/apollo_logo.png" />

Post 04 Oct 2016, 14:02

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@aragorn, can you fix this at our codebase and we'll make it available in next release?

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