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Converting anchors to action in topbar-menu

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I'm trying to replace the anchor(s) in topbar-menu (within topbar.xhtml) so that I can link an action on click.
I though of using p:commandLink but I find I have to override the color style in line otherwise the link comes out blue (I use the apollo-blue theme)

For example, I'm trying to replace something like the following that comes out as off-white:
<a href="#"><span class="topbar-item-text">Settings</span><span class="topbar-icon fa fa-gear"></span></a>

<p:commandLink action="#{logoutBean.logout}" style="color : #d8d8d8;">
<a href="#"><span class="topbar-item-text">Logout</span><span class="topbar-icon fa fa-sign-out"></span></a>

If I don't put the style="color : #d8d8d8;" the link comes out blue (apollo blue)
Is there another way of achieving what I want to do without overriding the color ?



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I think you can use jsf:action with JSF2.2 instead of p:* and h:* components(p:commandButton, h:commandLink, ..) in your xhtml;
<a href="#" jsf:action="#{logoutBean.logout}""><span class="topbar-item-text">Logout</span><span class="topbar-icon fa fa-sign-out"></span></a> ... 27136.html ... eat-sheet/

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Thanks for the trick. I will give it a shot.
In the mean time I added the color entry in .topbar #topbar-menu a of the layout CSS.



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Ok. Thanks for the update!

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