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Change the color of h2 tags

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Post 17 Feb 2017, 11:15

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I feel insanely stupid asking this but all I want to do is color the H2 tags in Gemini.

I tried a custom css in the Theme > Style > Base Outline > Page Settings - nothing
I tried in the custom.css file custom > css-compiled - nothing
I tried in teh scss > gemini > styles > _typography.scss - nothing

Don't get me wrong here, I LOVE GANTRY 5, but doesn't it seem silly that things have gotten "so cool" we can't easily take care of 1990 coding commands? 27+ years later and adding a global color to an H2 tag requires a forum topic!

Thank you in advance for your assistance with this.

This is not the time and place but this is why the WIX's and Squarespaces are going to beat us...

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