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Post 11 Jul 2012, 13:41

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i have a question from who can answer me!
why themes in primefaces show cases is work very good on IE, chrome and Fire Fox; but when i download this themes and run my web apps locally, components on IE doesn't show like chrome and Fire Fox?!!! :geek:
if IE doesn't support themes why in online showcase themes works goods on IE!
else what should i do?!
if i should optimize theme css for IE why primefaces doesn't share it's showcase css ?
(sorry for my english)

Post 12 Jul 2012, 12:36

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Compare doctype of showcase with yours, that could be different.

Post 14 Jul 2012, 12:06

Posts: 2 tnx for answer, i checked doctypes, they are equals.
for example when i use dialog header is ok and i can move dialog on document, but dialog width is FILL of document.

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