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PrimeFaces 3.0 Trailer

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Post 13 Mar 2011, 11:37

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Dear all,

Trailer of PrimeFaces 3.0 is revealed!


Optimus Prime
PrimeFaces Lead

Post 13 Mar 2011, 13:14

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Hahahahaah....Primefaces goes to Holywood!

Optimus you rock!!! you absolutely rock!

The first time I have watched a trailer to the

Hope PrimeFaces 3.0 ships before Netbeans 7.0 so they can update the version of primefaces that comes with netbeans.
Primefaces version: 3.0-SNAPSHOT

JSF implementation: Mojarra 2.0.4

Server: Glassfish 3.1-beta

Post 13 Mar 2011, 16:30

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3.0 will kick asses, one of the best trailers. Congratulation!

ps: the new tree(which really rocks) should had its time in the video also.
edit: also calendar with date time should appear ;)

Post 13 Mar 2011, 19:39

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Thanks, if I tried adding all the new stuff in the trailer then it would be 5 min :) There are things to keep private until the movie is out right ;)

Post 14 Mar 2011, 15:25

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The trailer needs more explosions. Also, it wouldn't hurt to have good robots fighting bad robots! :)

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