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Post 17 Mar 2011, 15:58

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I have my own jsf component in my project based on jquery. Everything was ok up to some day. The last correct version of PF was snaphot 3 from 3.3.2011. Today i have checked new snapshot but the bag is the same. My component stop to works. So, I think (after looking in PF code) that you have changed jquery code in smoe bad way. I don't think its a good idea, to change jquery code. Why? Cose other can't use own component based on standard jquery. There must be a conflict. I don't known where but You know couse you have done it ;).

Post 18 Mar 2011, 16:24

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You can monitor changes here:

PrimeFaces ugraded the version of jQuery it uses in early March.

Post 18 Mar 2011, 17:16

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We haven't changed jquery code :) Just updated it to 1.5.1.

Post 24 Mar 2011, 00:30

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I've found solution ;). The problem is jqery problem. I had in my jqery code : var $aikQuery = jQuery.noConflict(); I have used aikQuery instead of $, but this construction no longer works in new jquery. Why? I don't know. I had to remove this construction from my code and now is ok.

Strange is that when i use 1.5.1 jquery in my component and PF from snaphot 3 from 3.3.2011 everything is ok, but when i use new snapshot PF with 1.5.1 everything stops work ;). It looks like jqery.conConflict() in jqery1.5.1 makes conflicts :)

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