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Why PF community can't build more functional samples?

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Javaserver faces 2 is not popular enough now, but it's growing now. Small(but not helloworl level) and functional(such as CRUD with ajax, project level template especially the page composition layout) sample application is usefull for start teams. Showcase can be seen as component user guide and handbook, on the other hand, functional sample can be seen as project guide.

I hope Primefaces community will plan to do such things. I will do somethings I can do for community too(though my english is so poor, but at least I can do some test work).

If you have had such samples and like to share it. show and share it.
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There are JSF 2.0 crud samples in NetBeans. I'm not sure if any of them use Primefaces.
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Yes, there are CRUD samples in NetBeans, but depend the IDE, and I have wanted to test with NetBeans 7.0, but there are something wrong occur, so I give up. Of course, I think that sample not so good enough.

What is the best sample for me?
1. With small depends such IDE and others, use ant and maven(though I won't use maven);
2. Functional to show best project patterns(composition and layout, customize css, code patterns, and so on);
3. 2~3 tables, 5~10 pages,1~2 template(especially for home page and function module page);
4. In one world, simple enough, functional enough, for real project reference and study.

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We've a couple of CRUD samples like moviecollector; ... es%2Ftrunk

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Thanks, I see, I will check it out to study.

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Hi Optimus

Are there any downloadable samples (single download) with all necessary files included that perform basic CRUD functions, one that can be loaded in NetBeans? The repository is very confusing and I have no idea where to start.


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