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p:inputMask for ip address

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Post 27 May 2011, 15:31

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Hi there..

Im trying to use primefaces <p:inputMask for ip address input but it does not seem to allow me to do this.
I have tried
<p:inputMask value="#{bean.ip}" mask="999.999.999.999" size="20"/>

but this restricts input to minimum of 3 numeric characters between every ".".
I want it to work for all kind of IP's where example:

Thanks in advance...

Post 02 Jun 2011, 08:47

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Hi there,

Not sure what you meant by "mask your ip address with any other ip address"?
Im someone out there has had a similar problem:) and has found a fix...
you are right it is a tough one to crack....

Post 02 Jun 2011, 08:54

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That comment was from a spam user so I've deleted.

Currently masked input does not support this so it must be fixed number of characters, something we are trying to improve soon.

Post 02 Jun 2011, 09:00

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Hi there...
Thanks for the update... eagerly await that functionality :)

Post 02 Jun 2011, 09:02

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