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Post 16 Jul 2011, 16:46

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Hi everybody !

I have a dataGrid and inside that data grid I have a outputlink with title.
And I have a global tooltip outside the dataGrid.

When navigating in the datagrid, then the tooltip got damaged ? :(

Do I use the tooltip in a wrong way?


Post 16 Jul 2011, 16:50

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I forgot to tell you that I am using primefaces-3.0.M2 :)

Post 16 Jul 2011, 19:34

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Post 16 Jul 2011, 23:51

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So if you use 3.0.M3-snapshot with non-global tooltips, it should work. Note that global tooltips are not supported in M3.

Post 17 Jul 2011, 18:30

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Thanks for your reply.

Just wanted to tell that after some tests, that if the tooltip inside a position: relative; div then the position of the tooltip doesn't work properly

This code doesn't work properly (3.0.M3-snapshot):

<div style="position: relative; width: 950px; height: auto;margin: 0 auto;">
<h:outputText id="test" value="Tooltip test" title="This is the title"/>
<p:tooltip for="test"/>

But if you remove position: relative;, then it will work


Post 17 Jul 2011, 19:37

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It works for me well, tooltip is appended to body on the fly so the location on your page definition should not effect.

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