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Wrong order to load css with Primefaces theme?

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in my application I have a problem to overwrite some css.

The css is loaded in this order:

So a selector of jquery-ui.css overwrites a selector in my theme. Some selectors are in both files the same and because my theme is the first to load I can't overwrite them.

For example try to overwrite this row in the theme (copied from Themeroller):
.ui-button-text-icon-primary .ui-button-text, .ui-button-text-icons .ui-button-text { padding: .4em 1em .4em 2.1em; }

I know this line is not part of the Primefaces standard theme. But since it is part of Themeroller it should be posible to overwrite it.
Its not a theme if I use another css-file. Is ist posible to change the order of the css in the header?

PrimeFaces 2.2.1 | Majorra 2.0.6 | Spring WebFlow 2.3 | Tomcat 7

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