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problem reading bundle in p:dataTable

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I have a prime faces 1.00 on jsf 1.2 with facelets and richfaces running on Jboss
When i insert a primefaces component the bundle reference does not work
other components like richfaces does work
<p:column sortBy="#{}" resizable="true" filterBy="#{}">
<f:facet name="header">#{lbl.myrequests_list_id}</f:facet>
<span class="textBold">#{}</span>
the column header is not translated where other components like
<h:outputText value="#{lbl.myrequests_need_attention}"
gets translated very well

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Do you use f:loadBundle? How do you load your bundle to the page?

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i tried
first with
<f:loadBundle basename="com.bundles.labels" var="lbl"/>
and with the faces config

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Can you try;

<f:facet name="header">
    <h:outputText value="#{lbl.myrequests_list_id}" />

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I tried it it works greate
there is no problem to use it like that
is there a reason for it ?
thanks a lot for the quick and good reply
you are great

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Ah, I missed the part you said h:outputText works.

As I remember. without RichFaces, PrimeFaces can display those properly as well but when RichFaces is around, it prevents PrimeFaces to display these values unless it is displayed with h:outputText.

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Ok got it thanks again

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But this was happening in ajax requests, need to double check. In our app, we have bundles and PrimeFaces with no issues.

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