WAR file: No Annotated class using @PushEndpoint found

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if You use Spring Boot (java -jar myapp.war) or You don't unpack WAR in servlet container (Tomcat: unpackWARs="false") Push aka Atmosphere can't scan / detect @PushEndpoint annotation, because he can't load classes from WAR file.

ERROR - No Annotated class using @PushEndpoint found. Push will not work.

I've tried with all version of Atmosphere...no luck

Maven dependencies:


If You start Primefaces showcase in Tomcat without unpacking war, Push will not work too. Give a try!
PrimeFaces 3.2
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In my case, it was because an incompatibility between primefaces and atmosphere-runtime versions. The weird thing is that I need different atmosphere-runtime versions in Linux and Windows even if I'm using the same versions of primefaces, wildfly and java in both machines :shock: :shock: :shock: . In example, in Linux my application works with atmosphere-runtime 2.3.1 and in windows I need the 2.4.6 version but in both OS I am using primefaces 6, wildfly 10 and java 8.

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