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03 Apr 2019, 04:21


When we purchase the package, does it come with a customizable scss file to easily change the theme. For example can we change the default font or color of the buttons just by changing the value of few variables?


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16 Apr 2019, 14:33

Yes, of course, we have a lot of variable for theme and layout you can see in the documentation page ( ... umentation). You can change if you want. Also, you can use override files for both theme and layout variables.

Muhammad Naeem
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29 Nov 2022, 17:14

I want to use the sidebar menu only but when i download the package it gives me error. do you have any documentation how to run this theme as a project because i could not find anything in readme file.


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30 Nov 2022, 10:20

Hi there!
I am gladly helping you. First, what kind of error you are seeing? Is it possible to send us a reproducer (via codesandbox etc. ) so we can check what the problem is?
Secondly, the Babylon theme is super easy to use please see the instructions below:

1- "npm install" or "yarn"
2- "npm start" or "yarn start" ... umentation

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