Datatable edited row headertext disappears when responsive

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22 Jul 2020, 21:55

When a datatable is editable and a row is put in edit mode and then exits edit mode the titles for that row disappear. The titles remain on the full size datatable but no longer exist when the table is in reflow (responsive) layout. It does not matter if the row was toggled in and out of edit mode when it was full size or responsive. The only way to bring the title back is to reload the page.

The html code that disappears is the following:

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<span class="ui-column-title">Year</span>
To reproduce this I used the project demo that came with Sapphire. Some minor changes to data.xhtml where made using the showcase code to make the first table editable.
  • Added

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    editable="true" editMode="row"
    to the 'List of Cars' datatable.
  • Added the editor column like in the showcase

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    <p:column style="width:35px"><p:rowEditor /> </p:column>

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30 Jul 2020, 14:35

Editable DataTable doesn't support the responsive feature. Please try the following css;

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@media (max-width: 640px) {
   .ui-datatable-reflow .ui-datatable-data tr.ui-row-editing td.ui-editable-column, 
   .ui-datatable-reflow .ui-datatable-data td.ui-cell-editing {
      padding: 0.714em 0.857em;
      display: flex;
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