<p:dialog not closable in Chrome für Samsung?!

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21 Jul 2022, 14:52

Dear PrimeFaces engineers!

We are using Sapphire with PrimeFaces 7 and have the following problem:
When viewed with a Chrome browser in a mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy A53), a document rendered via <p:dialog cannot be closed - no matter how many times the user clicks on the X icon on the upper right-hand corner.

I used to experience the same problem earlier with Samsung A80, but I thought it was due to a defect in the screen.
Now, my mobile phone is pretty new (less then a month), and it cannot be due to some defect.

Please help me!

This is the source code:

<p:dialog id="dokumentPreviewId" rendered="#{containingBean.previewClicked}" header="Dokumentinhalt" width="#{containingBean.screenWidth-40}" height="#{containingBean.screenHeight - 120}" widgetVar="dlg2" showEffect="fade" hideEffect="fade" resizable="true" modal="true">
<f:event listener="#{basicDocumentViewerController.onPrerender}" type="preRenderComponent" />
<pe:documentViewer height="500" value="#{basicDocumentViewerController.content}" download="#{basicDocumentViewerController.downloadFileName}"/>
<f:param id="docURLId" name="docURL" value="#{containingBean.previewDocumentPath}" />
<p:ajax id="dialogCloserId" event="close" listener="#{containingBean.onPreviewDialogClosed}" update="#{update}" />

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27 Jul 2022, 10:42


Sorry for the delayed response! Could you please try this issue with the latest Sapphire version? (You can check it with a basic dialog.) Also, could you please share a screenshot for us to replicate?
In your case, you see the close button but when you click it and it doesn't work. Is it correct?

Best Regards,

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01 Aug 2022, 08:12

Dear Mert Sincan!

Thank you for your reply!
I could try with the latest Sapphire version, but I am not sure when will I find time for that. As long as I do it, I will reply to you here.

Thank you and have a nice day!

Kind regards,

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