[BUG] Scroll Focus on Vertical Menu Bar

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08 Aug 2019, 15:22

When changing routes, the scroll focus stay on the vertical menu bar.

It is replicable on the demo. Just change the menu bar to vertical, and change page. If you try to scroll down it won't work until you click anywhere on the page itself.

Is there any way to fix it?

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09 Aug 2019, 10:53

Thank you for your feedback. We fixed for next release but you can add the below code in app.menu.component.ts(line 258) file until release;
(AppSubMenuComponent > itemclick function > if(!item.items))

Code: Select all

// hide menu
 if (!item.items) {
      if (!this.app.horizontal) {
             this.app.menuActive = false;
             this.app.unblockBodyScroll();		//you need to add only this line
  //other codes

Posts: 4
Joined: 09 Jul 2019, 14:52

12 Aug 2019, 15:27

Thank you.
I subscribed to the router changes and unblocked when it changed. Will try your solution.

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