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16 Dec 2021, 10:45

i want to use splitbutton but it uses MenuModel which depends on vue-router. i am using primevue with laravel inertia. is there any way i can use it without vue router ?

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04 Aug 2022, 14:05

You can create a little helper component in your app.js to route any vue-router calls through to inertia-link.

See the router-link component below:

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import './bootstrap';
import Vue, { createApp, provide, h } from "vue";
import { createInertiaApp } from "@inertiajs/inertia-vue3";
import PrimeVue from 'primevue/config';
import { InertiaLink } from '@inertiajs/inertia-vue3';
import { InertiaProgress } from "@inertiajs/progress";


/* The router-link special component is required for the primevue
   menu model derived components.  It is normally handled by vue-router
   however because we are using inertia, so instead I pass the 'to'
   parameter across to inertia-link as a href so it can do it's magic.
    title: (title) => `${title} - CGS`,
    resolve: (name) => require(`./Pages/${name}`),
    setup({el, App, props, plugin}) {
        createApp({render: () => h(App, props)})
            .component('inertia-link', InertiaLink)
            .component("router-link", {
                props: ["to","custom"],
                template: `<inertia-link :href="to"><slot/></inertia-link>`,
            .mixin({methods: {route}})

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