Why is PrimeVue so messy??

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30 Oct 2022, 01:17

The functionalities in PrimeVue are really good. I would give many thumps up for that. But all that beauty seems to destroyed by the following beasts:

(1) The need to import so many times and that is really making our code messy. Just imagine the extra number lines of imports we have to code in order to get a few functionalities. This really making the value of Vuejs to go down. UIs like Vuetify use very little imports and installs.
(2) UI Blocks are very depressing and disappointing. We could get those block developed just by using Tailwaindcss and a few videos from YouTube. Even the dashboard UI, we could develop from scratch using Tailwindcss for free. We understand that the effort needs to paid but at these prices, just forget it. Quasar has these blocks for free and out-of-the-box without all those humongous imports and so does Bootstrap which we could add into Vuejs.

Based on this, where is the real value extraction from PrimeVue over the likes of Vuetify, Quasar etc? These are just our views. The entire structure and strategy of PrimeVue needs to be reviewed/improved. In it current state, it is a disappointment. This is what we will put in the tech reviews in facebook.

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04 Dec 2022, 00:43

As the saying goes...
I have no pony in this race...
So I'm not sure how you're handling your imports. When I was starting with PrimeVue, I was importing in EVERY component, which did make some of the components look ridiculously large, unnecessarily. Now I just do one import and define a component or directive in my main .js file. No need to re-use import statements over an over again. Really cleaned that aspect up.

I use their blocks over and over again because it saves me time. Just copy/paste and tweak to my liking. At some point, my time becomes more valuable than what the paid version costs, especially for the amount of times I've had to reach for them.

Quasar is a nice package as well, and I've toyed around with them in the past. I've stuck with PrimeVue for their simplicity and use of PrimeFlex/Tailwind.

What I will say is, I wish there was better documentation/examples with some components e.g, OrderList, Pagination. Those feel sparse, and generally leaves me Google'ing around to find my answer. With those examples, it feels like "here it is, you figure it out".

Otherwise, everyone has their opinion, mine certainly does not outweigh yours, but am highly doubtful a "tech review" on Facebook is going to have any impact one way or the other...

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07 Dec 2022, 09:29

Thank you very much for your feedback. We realized that we were lacking in sharing what we had planned. For this reason, we will share a roadmap section on the showcase with the version we will release this week. We are aware of our lack of documentation and we have started working. You can contact us again for the things you find missing in the Roadmap section.

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