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22 Apr 2020, 00:12

Good evening,

Table headings do not appear in versions greater than 1.0.6.

I already deleted the repository, executed:

npm cache clean --force
npm rebuild node-sass
npm install

Nothing I do works.

I'm using the sigma-vue tamplate

Code: Select all

vue.runtime.esm.js:619 [Vue warn]: Property or method "hasColumnFilter" is not defined on the instance but referenced during render. Make sure that this property is reactive, either in the data option, or for class-based components, by initializing the property. See:

found in

---> <DTTableHeader> at node_modules/primevue/components/datatable/TableHeader.vue
       <DataTable> at node_modules/primevue/components/datatable/DataTable.vue
         <Cashier> at src/components/Cashier.vue
           <App> at src/App.vue

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23 Apr 2020, 09:17

I'm not able to replicate, the method is there and live demo works;

Please provide a sample repo so that we can run and replicate, make sure you don't have package-lock.json as well.

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05 May 2020, 15:13

One month ago, I encountered the same problem when I tried to upgrade my PrimeVue version from 1.0.2 to 1.0.7.

The problem was that when I simply use the following command to upgrade, the DataTable header disappeared:
> npm uninstall primevue
> npm install primevue@1.0.7

Finally, my solution was as follows:
Manually deleted the node_modules directory, modified PrimeVue version in package.json and ran "npm install". And then, the problem was gone and DataTable header appeared normally.

I don't know why, since I have not totally understood the mechanism of npm yet.

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17 May 2020, 16:35

Glad to hear issue is resolved.

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