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Problem to access calendar property (disabledDates)

Posted: 09 Sep 2020, 15:13
by farenhalts
Hello Guys, first excuses for being a layman, but I'm having a problem to set some date disabled, in the documentation says that I need to create an array with the dates, like this: Array with dates to disable.

However, I have tried several ways to do this and it is not working, in most tests returns these errors on my console:

disabledDate.getFullYear is not a function
Cannot read property 'querySelector' of undefined

this is an example of how I am trying to disable some date in the definition of Vue variables: invalidDates: [ '09/09/2020 ' ]

Re: Problem to access calendar property (disabledDates)

Posted: 10 Oct 2020, 18:10
by cagatay.civici
Can you please post your code for review so we can assist?