Problem with app.config.globalProperties and {reactive}

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16 Sep 2020, 11:43

I am creating an app, using as an example the primevue project.
Since I use Vue 2, I have fetched the example before the beginning of adapting the example to Vue3. (commit f6f03c72)

I am having a bad time trying to make the change of the themes in my app. I guess the theme.css files are not included in my project. Do I have to use gulp in order to include the files to the compiled project?

Thank you

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10 Oct 2020, 18:14

I couldn't understand the problem here, are you using Vue 2 or Vue 3? For Vue 2, you need to use PrimeVue 2 and for Vue 3 -> PrimeVue 3.

Docs for V2

Docs for V3

app.config.globalProperties is a Vue 3 API, does not exist in Vue 2.

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