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06 Nov 2020, 21:59

When I use a card, nothing is showing. Also when I inspect the card the content is not visible. There's no errors. I use Vue 3.

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import {defineComponent, ref} from "vue";
import Card from 'primevue/card';

export default defineComponent({

  components: {



<style lang="scss" scoped>

And this is what I find in the inspector:

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<div class="p-card p-component" data-v-f2d0900a="" bis_skin_checked="1"><!--v-if--><div class="p-card-body" bis_skin_checked="1"><!--v-if--><!--v-if--><div class="p-card-content" bis_skin_checked="1"></div><!--v-if--></div></div>

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12 Nov 2020, 10:29


Thanks a lot for the code block, please use <template> tag to activate slots in Card components. Note: Card doesn't have a default slot.

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   <template v-slot:content>
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