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11 Dec 2020, 02:59

I followed the documentation but still couldn't get toast to work.

mitt is installed.
has app.use(ToastService)
Then import Toast and tried to call $toast on mounted

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  mounted() {
      severity: 'success',
      summary: 'Info message',
      detail: 'Message content',
      life: 3000,
      group: 'bl'
It looks like it gets called but nothing is shown on the screen.

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13 Dec 2020, 01:38


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<Toast /> 
into your html
its show in tutorial video on 15:57, but the instructions do not mention this

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14 Dec 2020, 17:01

Thank you @simersim for your reply.

I added <Toast /> but still nothing showed.
Other components work fine.

I also would like to provide more info that I use laravel mix to compile.

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28 Jan 2021, 09:06

Hope this piece of code could help

Best Regards,

sushant shiwakoti
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22 Mar 2021, 07:29

For Toast message to appear, you have to import toast service in main.js file. I had the same problem but when i imported Toast Service my toast message started to pop up.
I hope this helps.

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