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Erhan Saydam
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18 Dec 2020, 09:07

Hi PrimeFaces Team,

First of all, thank you for your all works, the library contribute much to Vue.Js developers like other platforms.

I have just started to use PrimeVue Datatable component. I would like to use infinite scroll with lazy loading but couldn't see an example. Is there a feature for this?

Thanks and Regards.
Erhan Saydam

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28 Jan 2021, 09:39

DataTable Lazy mode uses :rows prop that loads small chunks of data for every filtering, paging and sorting to display to UI.

Best Regards,

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22 Apr 2021, 04:07

Thanks for the answer, but I'm confused. Doesn't "lazy" and "paging" requires a Pager component to be used? I think here the ask is about infinite scroll where pager component should not be used.

Does DataTable support infinite scroll?


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