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Hi all,

I hope you're going well.
I need to deal with Column Group and Frozen Columns in the header . the primevue datatable documentation specifies that ColumnGroup can handle the type "frozenheadergroup". However, I didn't found anything (documentation, post, article) related with and I would like to know if someone has already use it and how.

Extract from Documentation :
When using frozen columns with column grouping, use frozenheadergroup and frozenfootergroup types to define grouping for the frozen section.
I've tried by changing the "type" on the ColumnGroup component by setting frozenheadergroup but the header rows disappear in this case. I've also checked the sourcecode of vue to try to understand what's going on under the hood. It seems that a computed property exists (frozenHeaderColumnGroup) in the datatable.vue component and check if the type of the columngroup is equal to "'frozenheader" :

Code: Select all

        frozenHeaderColumnGroup() {
            if (this.allChildren) {
                for (let child of this.allChildren) {
                    if (child.$vnode.tag.indexOf('columngroup') !== -1 && child.type === 'frozenheader') {
                        return child;

            return null;

I would really appreciate if someone has an exemple of use of this functionnality.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Wish you the best


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