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30 Dec 2020, 11:58

Hello guys,
i have multiple problems in my code according to try to sequence functions.

if i try to make an async function in my methods part, the page stops rendering and i get the following warnings:

[Vue Router warn]: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'modules[moduleId].call')
[Vue Router warn]: Unexpected error when starting the router:Error: Couldn't resolve component "default" at "/documentList"

is there any "best practice" or "how to" with async methods? i tried it in another page which was not that complex and there it worked out without any problems or warnings.

I also tried to chain http-methods (which were made with the axios framework) with the integrated promises and the sequence is not in the correct order. sometimes it works out, sometimes not.
here's a piece of code what i mean:
.then(data => this.documents = data)
.then(data => this.companies = data)
according to the documentations of axios and promise this should work out

I searched the internet and the forum for one day and i didnt get any result that there was any mistake in my code.

the async Problem got solved after shutting everything down and restart the whole system....
the promises still not working but at least i have a workaround now...

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