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22 Feb 2021, 18:43

Event click not working:

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            <TabPanel v-for="(v,i) in" :header="v.title" @click="t(i)" :key="i">
                <tab :data="editTabPackage(v)" :counter="tabIndex"></tab>
Refs not working console.log(this.$refs.['input' + index].value);

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<div v-if="currentModelKey" class="border p-3">
            <div v-for="(v,i) in" class="mb-3">
                <div class="p-inputgroup">
                    <span class="p-inputgroup-addon">{{ labelEnglishTitle(v) }}</span>
                     <InputText :ref="`input${i}`" class="form-control" :value="currentValueTitle(v)"
thank you!

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