[Help] select item Tree from a method instead of a click - hightLightSelectedNode

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<Tree v-if="allStructuresTree.length > 0"
      style="padding:0px;width: 100%;display: flex;"
Is not working

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this.selectedKey2 = id;
Clear selection is not working because you can't set this object.

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this.$refs.tree.selectionKeys = {}
How can i hightLightSelectedNode from a method ?

For example:

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hightLightSelectedNode(node) {
this.$refs.tree. ????(node)

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this.$refs.tree.selectionKeys[this.$data.currentStructureItem.key] = false
      this.$data.currentStructureItem = itemInTree;
      this.$refs.tree.selectionKeys[itemInTree.key] = true
I have solved this by this way but i need to hightLightSelectedNode, how can i do it ?

p-treenode-content p-treenode-selectable p-highlight

and how can i get the element in the DOM without an id ?
not document.querySelector(".p-highlight");

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