How do I make links with PrimeVue so they pick up the theme?

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11 Mar 2022, 00:08

Normal HTML links in my app aren't picking up the PrimeVue styling as expected. Note: The openURL() function is defined elsewhere but does what you'd expect...

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<p>This sentence contains a normal link to the
<a href="" target="_blank">Google</a>
home page.</p>

<p>This sentence contains a PrimeVue button link to the
<Button label="Google" class="p-button-link" @click="openURL('')" />
home page.</p>
The good thing is that the button link is styled as expected and it does work. The bad thing is that it still takes up the space of a normal button and doesn't line up with the rest of the text as expected. Also, after clicking on the link button, it toggles a light blue border on/off each time it's clicked. No idea what that happens.

I could manually add a bunch of CSS styling to my global CSS file, but it doesn't seem like I should have to since the styling is clearly already present in the PrimeVue theme as evidenced by the link button.

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01 Jul 2022, 14:23

After click the Button component, focus still stays. This is expected behaviour.

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