How should I move the datatable scroll to the row selected?

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Hi everyone,

The steps to reproduce the question/issue are:

1.-The user is in a wizard with different steps and in one of them, there is a datatable, where it is loaded with data correctly, and the user selects one row (with the single selection mode and radio button).
2.-The user continues in the wizard, but if the user come back to the previous step, the datatable is selected correctly with the selected row, but the scroll is in the top, and not in the position where the row has been selected.

Checking the documentation and the forum, I've found the option to move by code with the function "scrollTop", but it doesn't work.

Could it be possible move the datatabla scroll by code? or how is it possible move the datatable scroll in order to see the row selected?


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Could share a codesandbox link to replicate the problem?

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